Photoshop Post Production: What You Need To Know

** You can adjust Play Speed to faster or slower playback in Settings!! **

This video is not scripted in any way shape or form; go easy on me!

With that aside, let’s talk Photoshop Post Production; I’m trying to understand what you need exactly so I can deliver content that you’re actually interested in.

So, we’ll go over the “basics” of Post Production as well as a couple of techniques that I use to edit my images.

I also speed over a few things, like how I tweak my Google Nik Collection filters to fit my image.

Don’t be shy; leave a comment and tell me what you want to know about Post Production and I’ll answer with either a comment or combine all those questions into one in-depth video.


Your Support would make my day!

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Resources To Help

Free Texture Image Resources

Software Used

  • Sketchup 2020.
  • VRay 5.
  • Photoshop Cs6 Extended.
    • Google Nik Collection (Filters).
    • Obsidian Dawn (Brushes).
    • QBrushes (Brushes).
  • Giga Pixel AI 4.9.4.

  • Music: Lakey Inspired.
  • Video Production: Camtasia 2021.

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