I tried Sketchup’s Match Photo to model an interior | EPIC SUCCESS!!

** You can adjust Play Speed to faster or slower playback in Settings!! **

Have you ever tried Match Photo for an Interior Space before? I mean it’s a great tool if you want to model after a certain picture but have no schematics or measurements!

There’s a whole section on Sketchup’s Help Center introducing Match Photo and what you can use it for, but unfortunately it doesn’t really explain how to apply it to an interior.

In this video, I’ll be going through my process of modeling an interior using Match Photo (Photoshop helps!).

I know a tool like Match Photo could sound scary and hard to learn, after watching this video you will change your mind completely 😉

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Resources To Help

Free Texture Image Resources

Software Used

  • Sketchup 2018.
  • VRay Next (4.2).
  • Photoshop Cs6 Extended.
  • Giga Pixel AI 4.9.4

  • Music: Lakey Inspired.
  • Video Production: Camtasia 2021.


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