We’re Back Online: Free Models!


Hey everyone,

We’re Baaaack!!!! And we bring gifts!

Due to a lot of Work pressure happening at Ravenor’s Design Solutions HQ, we’ve taken a bit of a long hiatus during which this website went dark for 2 whole months (Sorry, Google).

But we’re back and we’ll start launching new tutorials and (drum roll, please) a YouTube Channel!

Now, here’s to the Free Gift part, here are links to TWO FULL MODELS for you to enjoy. They’re equipped for VRay 3.0+ materials, render settings, and of course they’re Sketchup Version 2017, so if you’re using 2018 and/or 2019 you’re good to go.

If you’re not subscribed to our newsletter of over 550 Design Lovers, then please do! Join the family for some exclusive free downloads and tips/tricks for VRay & Sketchup.


Here are your Free Downloads, enjoy!

Free Sketchup Model Download Render Ready Materials VRay 3 + 3.4
Download Here

For any questions or requests, please leave a comment below. I always reply quickly! Happy Designing 🙂


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