5 Features that will Actually Boost your Home Investment

Villa Home Design Ideas Decoration Pictures Houzz
Maison de la Lumiere by Da Milano Studio Architects

Here in our little town of King Mariout, Alexandria, realestate traffic is picking up real quick!

With contractors, realestate companies, and private individuals making use of good weather to finish up construction and maintenance to add new property listings on the market, things are getting pretty interesting.

So, we’ve talked to our friends over at our sister company Live In King Mariout about what would be wise for our clients to invest in and stand out in such a busy market.

Here are the 5 main features that you need to invest in for a better home and a great ROI.

Smart Home Systems

Screenshot-2018-2-24 50K Smart Home Home Design Ideas Remodeling Photos Houzz
Hive Gallery Wall by Hive

If you’re a tech savvy home owner, you either already have a system installed (Good for you!) or have thought about adding this feature to your home; it’s time you took action on that thought!

If you’re not so tech savvy or don’t really know why you need such tech installed, here’s why:

Smart Home Systems can make life a lot easier, whether they are for Security purposes or convenient Home Management, they are also an amazing asset when it comes to reselling your home and it will make your listing stand out!

We recommend BDC Egypt Smart Home Systems if you ever think of installing such systems.

Attractive Outdoor Areas

Screenshot-2018-2-24 390K Outdoor Patio Home Design Ideas Designs Houzz
Los Altos House by Dotter & Solfjeld Architecture + Design

According to our friends at Live In King Mariout, over half of their clientele are attracted to homes with well maintained exteriors as a huge plus.

Not only does taking care of your Landscaping and Facade impress your guests and create a space that you enjoy, it also increases your home value and helps yo gain the attention of prospective buyers if you ever decide to sell.

 Book a Free Landscaping/Maintenance Consultation

Better Energy Efficiency

Screenshot-2018-2-24 20K Track Lighting Home Design Ideas Designs Houzz
By PBC Design + Build

No, we are not talking about Solar Panels (Although they are a great investment), we are talking about ditching your old ACs and getting a new centralized system, or maybe even selling your Window ACs and buying Split Units for a more budget friendly upgrade.

You can also maximize Energy Efficiency (Save money on electricity) by installing Digital Water Heaters, Updating your windows’ insulation (or replacing wooden windows and balcony doors with Aluminum Sliding Panels). This will save you and your prospective buyers a lot of money on the long run.

You can also replace your Garden’s electrical grid with solar powered Light Fixtures (Bonus: They light up automatically when the sun goes down + no wiring!).

Want some budget friendly upgrade ideas? Click here.

Modern Kitchen and Bathrooms

Screenshot-2018-2-24 25 All-Time Favorite Modern Kitchen Ideas Remodeling Photos Houzz
“Buyers always look at what you’re not packing when you move out..”

When prospective buyers walk into your home, they always pay attention to Kitchens and Bathrooms as two important elements of a home (Landscaping and Facade too).

A lot of buyers turn down homes or negotiate property prices due to outdated kitchens and bathrooms; so if you’re thinking about putting your home on the market for the best value, updating your Plumbing and Fixed Cabinets can go a long way. It’s also a convenient project to consider even if you’re not leaving any time soon.

Crisp Finishes

Screenshot-2018-2-24 30K Crisp Home Design Ideas Decoration Pictures Houzz
Manor Road by Vintage Elements

A clean crisp finish makes me feel as satisfied as a cat after a warm bowl of milk. I bet it has the same impact on you and your future buyers.

Chipped paint, frayed wood, or cracked flooring are eye sores that put off buyers who want a ready to move in home; that’s the majority of them according to Live In King Mariout’s agents.

They also ruin a space’s mood for you as a resident, don’t they? Not all projects have to have huge budgets; you can update finishes on intervals or go DIY.

Investing in your home has a guaranteed result when it comes to a re-sale value, you just have to know what needs to be done, that’s why Live In King Mariout offers you a FREE Site Visit to inspect your property and give an honest feedback on what to invest in for a Higher Return. Contact them via their page and they will send out an agent to talk to you.

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