Delightful Ideas for a Charming Valentine’s Inspired Decor

Valentine’s isn’t for everyone; the holiday has been over-used and over-fussed about to the point where it’s just simply annoying to see all those red hearts, stale roses, and cheap chocolate on display everywhere!

I mean, even Mobile games are creating Valentine’s themed updates.. #smh

But if you have a dreamy romantic inside of you, you may want to find some way to Celebrate without resorting to the cliche. Well I hear you, so keep reading to see what we have in store 😉

Screenshot-2018-2-11 10K Romantic Home Design Ideas Remodeling Pictures Houzz
Skip Dinner at a Fancy Restaurant! Why not a Cozy Home-cooked Brunch?

Wall Art

Screenshot-2018-2-11 Most Popular Romantic Wall Artwork for 2018 Houzz
“Romantic Tango” Art, Afremov, Leonid

Forget all those frilly hearts and roses type of art, let’s get something that can still stay after Valentines has blown over; like the piece in the picture above, its colors are gorgeous and the brush strokes are simply masterful! Plus, you can never mistake a couple dancing the Tango for anything but Romantic. Pieces like these can easily act as a Focal point in a room with no other companions around. Need help with a room’s arrangement?

Throw Pillows

Screenshot-2018-2-11 70K Romantic Throw Pillows Home Design Ideas Decoration Pictures Houzz
Courtesy of

Frilly or textured puffy throw pillows can add a touch of ‘romantic’ to a space without it looking like a reference to February the 14th; you can use them on couches and on beds, with any style or theme and they would still fit, like in the picture below.

Screenshot-2018-2-11 Denver condo with European style - Traditional - Living Room - Boston

Paper Garlands

Screenshot-2018-2-11 300 Valentine Paper Garlands Home Design Ideas Photos Houzz
Unused wrapping paper turned sculptural art piece!

I’m not talking about those Store Bought monstrosities! You can DIY your own masterpieces in just a few minutes and either hang it for the occasion or keep it forever, like in the picture above. They are highly customizable in any color or texture you want, and they are easily replaceable. Looking for color combo inspiration?

Floral Arrangements

Screenshot-2018-2-11 10K Floral Arrangements Home Design Ideas Photos Houzz
Floral Arrangements make perfect Centerpieces 😉

Whether you’ll get one from your local florist, pick them out of your garden, or go for High Quality fake ones, floral arrangements are the perfect center piece for any table and the most gorgeous accessory a room can have! You can either theme them for a Valentines Decor or just match them to a room’s color palette, they never go out of style.

Just make sure you put those delicate little stems into a worthy vase for a perfectly composed look.


Screenshot-2018-2-11 4,000 Tablescape Home Design Ideas Decoration Pictures Houzz

You know what makes a statement out of a floral arrangement? a complementing Tablescape!

Bring out your favorite china and them creative mason jar cups! (or crystal wine glasses..) because whether you’re having a Dinner for Two or a Girls Night in this Valentine, you’ll want to make an impression. Tablescapes are easy to DIY, but if you’re the Lazy type, then you can just hire a professional to do the work. But let me tell you a little secret, this skill comes in handy all year round so why not start now?

Do you have any Decorating Ideas of your own to share? Share in a Comment below!

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