Why Colorful Neutrals are your new Best Friend

Brownstone Makeover - Transitional - Living Room - Boston - by Leslie Fine Interiors

If you picture a Beige palette when you think of Neutrals, then you are mistaken my friend. Neutrals come in all shades of the color wheel, and mixing them can create all types of impressions; whether it’s Sophisticated, Masculine, Childish, or Gypsy.

Keep reading to find out all the reasons why Neutral deserves to be your new best friend!

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Neutrals can Show off all types of Textures and Finishes

Screenshot-2018-2-3 My Houzz Chic Boho Style for a Hawaii Apartment - Beach Style - Living Room - Hawaii - by Ashley Camper[...]
A Neutral palette helps a cozy layered look shine through and give off the cozy feel it’s meant to have. Natural textures also love a neutral color, because all those intricate details and patterns can only be seen when there are no bold colors distracting the eye.

You can never get tired on Neutrals

Screenshot-2018-2-3 The New Classic

Neutrals can be dressed up or down, they can be used for any decor style imaginable, and in any space no matter what its function may be. A neutral wall can be refreshed with a new frame set or a hanging rug , a neutral couch can be dressed with patterned cushions or a bright cheery afghan; so basically, you’ll never get tired of anything neutral because it’s so versatile it’ll satisfy your every whim.

Using Neutrals doesn’t mean you can’t use Colors

Screenshot-2018-2-3 Tamara Mack Design - Interiors

If you’re a trend setter with a modern updated home, or a color lover with a robust personality, you might think that neutral is a bit tame or “boring”. Right? Wrong!

Neutral pieces and neutral walls are anything but restricting, if you don’t believe me just take a look at the picture above; mixing neutrals with bold palettes help tone things down and keep the overall look from being too crowded.

Neutrals are an Investment

Screenshot-2018-2-3 Parade of Homes- Family Room

When investing in expensive/large pieces of furniture, go for neutrals! This way you can curb your expenses when revamping a space into a different style or color scheme.

For example: If you buy the big main pieces in neutral (Couch, Chairs, etc.), you can change the whole room’s look just by buying a few patterned Cushions, a cheery Throw, and maybe a new Rug/Curtains or new Art/Accessories. An inexpensive makeover at a whim!

What do you love most about using Neutrals? Leave a comment below!

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