2018 Interiors’ Scoop: Top 10 Trends you will Love this year

Interior Design Trends 2018
Indlu Lamanzie – Modern – Living Room – Tampa – by DSDG Architects

It’s that time of the year! Trends are being set by popular demand, and whether you’re a designer or a design lover, you’ll want to get your virtual hands on this guide to beautiful decor.

Knowing the trends to look out for is not just to stay updated with what’s new; trends are often what sets availability of different styles of furniture, types of accessories, and finishing materials in markets. Trends also mean that some collections are going on sale to make room for new ones, so if you’re furnishing a space from scratch, you can get some big pieces for bargain prices to help with the budget.

I spent the last couple of weeks keeping an eye out on what the Design world has to say on this year’s trends and found out that A LOT is changing people!

Some of the previous years’ favorite trends are coming back and brand new ones popping up all over; so I put together a list of my 10 favorite trends to share with you.

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1- Bold Colors

Interior Design trends 2018
Courtesy: Houzz.com

Bold colored furniture and accessories are SO IN in 2018, if you’re a fan of bold colors then yay for you! If you prefer having a neutral space, then consider adding some Bold colored statement pieces or a couple of throw pillows in your favorite color into the mix for a more personalized look while maintaining the neutral palette.

2- Mixed Metals

interior design trends 2018
Courtesy: Houzz.com

Everyone has been flirting with mixed metals for a while now, but in 2018 it’s official. Be it mixed metal pieces or mixed metal finishes, this trend is bound to bloom.

I personally LOVE LOVE LOVE mixing metals in interiors, if you’re willing to do the same then make sure that you pick one dominant metal and that you use metals with similar finishes (satin, brushed, etc.)

3- Terrazzo Flooring

kitchen trends 2018
Dallas, TX Stolp – Midcentury – Kitchen – Dallas – by Sarah Greenman

This gorgeous 1970s flooring is taking center stage again, Terrazzo is composed of chips of marble, quartz, granite, and glass with a cementitious binder, it is then poured, set, and finally polished to give a smooth beautiful finish in any color imagined.

This flooring type can be very durable and suit midcentury, transitional, contemporary, and minimal style rooms. As well as every kitchen and bathroom style imaginable.

4- Spa Bathrooms

Bathroom trends 2018
Modern Functional Bathroom – Houzz.com

Nothing relieves a day’s stress or helps you start your day on the right foot more than a luxurious shower in a spa-like bathroom. Now that’s more than enough reason to have Spa Bathrooms trending in 2018! It’s about time to be honest.

Spa Bathrooms are just about showers, you can throw in a Jacuzzi and some hidden lights and/or flowers + candles for mood setting.

5- Statement Ceilings

Home office trends 2018
Rough Hollow Parade Home – Houzz.com

Whether you paint it bold, add an interesting wallpaper, or use gypsum/plastic designs, pimping up your ceiling is so in this year! Making a statement with your ceiling insures that the space never looks dull.

6- Patterned Plants

Green Design Trends 2018
Huniford Design Studio, Getaway to the 2013 Holiday House Hamptons – Contemporary – Living Room – Houzz.com

Since we’ve been inspired by nature when it comes to patterns, colors, and shapes; why not add a piece of that nature to your space? This year, if you’re planning on adding some potted oxygen factories to your indoor decor, aim for plants with patterned leaves and/or exotic shapes.

Just make sure you get some tasteful containers for them to thrive in style!

7- Eclectic Wall Art

Wall Art trends 2018
Birdhouse Design – Houzz.com

Wall art and picture frames are not really prone to being set as trendy or not, but how you arrange and display them is what’s big this year. An eclectic array of wall art and frames can help satisfy more than one taste, display an array of memories, or just show off how well traveled/cultured you are.

8- Dark Woods

Furniture trends 2018
Cordillera Ranch 2 – Transitional – Living Room – Austin – by Lori Caldwell Designs

It’s no wonder dark woods are trending, to be honest, for me personally they are an all time favorite.

If you’re looking for a rich interior with a lot of depth and contrast, then opt for this year’s favorite wood finish.

9- A New Neutral Palette

Kids bedroom trends 2018
Tamara Mack Design – Staging Projects – Houzz.com

Goodbye White, Beige, Grey and all them boring neutral palettes! Sage, Olive, Mustard, and Jade are here with fresh earthy palettes!

If you’re not familiar with these lovely pastels, here’s a palette of all 4.

Color trends 2018
Earthy Fresh Neutrals

10- Statement Front Doors

2018 design trends
Miller’s Meadow Farm Entry – Transitional – Entry – Boston – by LDa Architecture Interiors

I’m against judging a book by its cover, but when it comes to Front Doors and Gates, I’m all about making a statement at entry.

Show stopping Entry Doors and Gates complete an exterior and give it a gorgeous eye catching boost; be it by using bright gorgeous colors, perfect symmetrical lines, or an out-of-the-box shape/finish.

What are you looking forward to in 2018? Leave a comment below!

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