Fall is Here! Now What to Do For Your Home?

Fall Home Trends Maintenance Checklist

It’s September! Whoa, is it me or has 2017 passed by in a blur?!

September brings in one of my most favorite seasons of the year; epic cool weather, beautiful nature colors, and many of my favorite seasonal garden fruits and veggies! Yup, it’s fall!

Now before I begin to celebrate the season and take my wool cardigans out, I need to go thru some checklists to make sure our house is ready for the rainy season of Alexandria. (Yes, I moved back home!)

Plus, updating a few things around the house every season is very budget + style friendly.

No one likes a shabby outdated home; especially an Interior Designer..

So I decided to share this with you in hopes it inspires you to go through your own homes while the days are still longer to avoid any unpleasant surprises, come winter. It never hurts to shop a few small items for the house, too, am I right?

Outdoor Seasonal Maintenance


Here’s a list of a few items to check in your garden/yard that you can add to your day to day tasks:

  • Check Garden/Yard supplies for anything broken and replace them.
  • Restock emergency kits for your home and car.
  • If you have a power generator, get it checked and buy additional fuel.
  • Check your irrigation system for any faults or leaks and make sure the sprinklers will not be blocked if it rains.
  • Check your walkways/paths/driveways for any cracks or bumps and have them fixed to avoid water collection and further damage.
  • Check stairs/railings for any rust or rot damage and have them fixed to avoid accidents.
  • Test outdoor bulbs and replace whatever is damaged, also check your outdoor electrical wiring and replace whatever is frayed/damaged to avoid shortages or worse.
  • Rake your leaves regularly so they don’t pile up (they can promote weed growth) and store for composting or just dispose of them regularly (NO BURNING; it’s dangerous and irresponsible).
  • Check for any gaps or holes where warmth seeking critters can enter and seal as needed.
  • Have your trees and shrubs checked by a professional to avoid dead plants in the spring or falling branches during storms; trimming is highly recommended during this time of the year, as well as spraying fungicides.

Indoor Seasonal Maintenance



Now, let’s head inside and see what’s up:

  • Test your smoke detectors and replace their batteries.
  • Check the expiration date on fire extinguishers and replace as needed.
  • Check your radiators, heaters, AC Filters, and vents to clean or replace as needed.
  • Clean/Fix or replace External AC Units’ covers, if you have a Window AC unit, make sure there are no gaps around the unit that can let cold air in, seal them if there are any (you can DIY it using a silicon gun).

Big Budget Seasonal Maintenance


  • Check for damages on roofs, walls, or foundations, and have them fixed if needed.
  • Have gutters, drains, and downspouts cleaned and repaired if needed.
  • Have a professional electrician check your home wiring and plugs to prevent shortages from using electrical heaters indoors or outdoors, upgrade if needed.
  • If you have a chimney or a central heating system, schedule a maintenance and cleaning appointment.

Other Seasonal Maintenance



A few things you can do around the house in the weekend or as chores:

  • Clean and store any outdoor grills/ovens.
  • Have your pool checked, cleaned, and ready to be covered once the temperature drops, and make sure your have a safe dry place ready to store all pool items and accessories.
  • Clean all summer recreational furniture, and keep only the necessities for last minute storage.
  • Check insulation on doors and windows to avoid warmth leaking or cold drafty areas.

Seasonal Cleaning


There is something called “Fall Cleaning”, it’s not just “Spring Cleaning”, you know..:

  • Deep Clean the kitchen (especially behind or under any heavy or unmoved items).
  • De-grease your Rage Hood and its filter, as well as clean any exhaust system/fan in the kitchen and bathrooms.
  • Scrub tile grouts and have them re-grouted if needed.
  • Clean light fixtures, and replace any damaged bulbs/pieces.
  • Wash walls and back-splashes, repaint walls if needed.
  • Wash any outdoor garbage/recycling bins.
  • Clean all small appliances.
  • Clean dryer vents.

Fall 2017 Home Design Trends

Now that we’ve taken care of Home Maintenance, let’s take a look at some of the trends that are popular for this season! These are my personal favorites for this season, hope you love them as much as I do 😉

Green Kitchens

I’m not talking about “Green Kitchens”, I’m talking about Kitchens painted Green; a refreshing and beautiful color to see on your cabinets, especially when paired with all the right finishes and accessories!


Nothing quite does it for me (and a lot of other Winter Lovers out there) more than a velvet couch to snuggle on in the winter!

If you’re not ready for a splurge as big as a couch, think about a deep colored velvet afghan to cuddle with on the couch while it rains outside!

Woven Textures

Whether it’s a wall hanging like the picture above, or used as a table centerpiece filled with dried scented flowers; Woven Textures are perfect for all purposes and seasons.

Blush Pink

Be it a color for fabrics, walls, or furniture.. or even a rug! This color can be oh so very versatile and soothing, it literally fits in any room!


Gone are the days of Silver and Stainless Steel faucets and accessories (about time yo), Copper was in just a while ago, and now it’s Brass! Not just because it’s warmer, ages gorgeously, or looks way more sophisticated than cooler textures.. but because it’s BRASS. I mean, look at the picture above, yea?


Quilts always offer a homemade and cozy feeling to any space, be it modern or traditional, not to mention the nostalgic childhood sentiment you’ll get once you dive into bed and tuck yourself in for the night.

Dramatic Walls

After this summer’s trend of white, grey, and washed pastels, it’s so refreshing to see dark dramatic colors and walls on the scene again; rumor has it Black has even been named Color Of The Year for 2018. My personal favorites? Soft Black and Dark Chocolate Brown!

Statement Ceilings

Personally, I agree with calling a Ceiling “The Fifth Wall”, it deserves as much attention as all the other vertical ones. Why not give it some attention and have it make a statement?

Bone Inlay

Bone Inlayed furniture have a special touch to a space that cannot be replicated by any other; they are unique handmade pieces of art that you get to keep in your home and actually make a part of your life. In the picture above, that dresser by Anthropologie is a piece I’d love to covet!

What are your Fall maintenance tips? How about your favorite trends for this season? Let me know in the comments below!

If you ever need any help with your maintenance or some advice on applying the latest trends of the season to your home, don’t hesitate to contact us for a FREE consultation call!

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