All you need to Make your Design Business Successful

All you need to Make your Design Business Successful

Starting a solo interior design business is easy, making that business a success is hard work.

There are a lot of things that need to be done before you can even get out there and find clients. How exactly do you even start looking for clients? How do you set up your pricing? What about a logo? Brand? Are they necessary?

Sometimes it can get so overwhelming, you start flirting with the idea of a 9 to 5.

But the end goal, whether it’s a goal of having a home business that pays the bills and sends you on vacations, or a startup for the goal of one day having an empire, is what keeps you going; this business was started for a reason.

I have a reason, too. We all do.

We work hard for a dream, with the hopes that one day we can achieve it. 

It may take months until we’ve got it all figured out; we may use google as a solution finder and it keeps throwing so much information at us, we end up being overwhelmed again.

Flirting with the 9 to 5 idea again.

That was my case, until I sat down and came up with a plan that saved my sanity.

I’m sharing this plan with you today and offering a free 10 day guide, so you can stop being overwhelmed and start seeing traction in your business.


Do you know the saying “fake it till you make it”?

Well, this is exactly what you need to do, you need to “fake” thinking like a business owner; own the status in your own mind, and try to put aside some time to prioritize that business above anything else.

When I first started out, I kept aside 8 hours a day, just like a regular job.

I “acted” like a business owner, and I showed up everyday, no matter what. I dealt with clientele, suppliers, and other designers as a business owner.

Now I put between 4 and 10, depending on what my business needs; but at first it was a regular 8 hour routine so I can set the wheels in motion and make that mindset my default.

If you need tips on focusing and saving your time, you can check out this post.


Just like you have a personality, beliefs, and a voice that makes you a unique individual, your business needs to have the same.

I’ve met a lot of freelancing designers and solo business owners over the last few years, and most of them had a very fatal flaw that they refused to give up; they see how everyone is doing it, and they copy their methods exactly.

They thought it’s the best way to gain clients.

I kid you not, they all source work through word of mouth, price their work the same way, use the same design style, they even kill their business the same way; no online presence, no portfolio, no logo, no brand, and no paperwork (proposals, contracts, agreements, etc.)

It was a shame really, some of them are amazing humans with great talent.

Your business identity should be as unique as you are.

Invest in a good high quality logo, sit down and come up with an authentic message for branding, and create your own prices and packages.

For more of this, you can head over to this post.

Marketing + Sales

Whether you like it or not, you need to market and sell your services to people, if they don’t know you exist then they’ll never buy your services.

You need to treat this business like a company, and promote it like one. 

You can start by creating an online portfolio site that has your prices, work, and information about who you are + how to contact you.

Then create dedicated social media accounts for your work, and add your online site’s link in the Bio areas.

Through these accounts, you can start creating quality content that will get people on board and convert them into fans and clients.

Do not directly promote your business, unless you have a seasonal offer or special occasion discounts (maybe a new service).

Keep it classy, not spammy.

For more on starting a business the right way, you can check out this post.

Those were just a small tiny taste of the freebie I have in store for you

This is a 10 day guide on having a solo business that is focused on getting you clients on autopilot; it includes more detailed step by step information on creating a thriving business.

This is not some value devoid sales funnel that will waste your time and fill your inbox with useless crap. (excuse my french..)

You’ll receive one email per day, for 10 days; it’s not just ranting in email form without anything to work with, it contains downloadable worksheets, To Do lists, and mini ebooks that you can either print out or keep on your computer for future references.

You can get started with this completely FREE email series today

The Freelancer’s Journal signup

P.s.: I named it “The Freelancer’s Journal” due to the fact that all the information used to create those emails were written by me in a small notebook that I keep with me at all times (you should have one too!), but that doesn’t mean it’s exclusively for freelancers.

Any questions or suggestions? Leave them in the comments below!

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