Find out Your Design Personality!


Have you ever taken a personality test?

Not those “scientific” 30 minute tests; the fun types, where it kind of hits the spot but at the same time it’s pretty general too? Or maybe you’re into horoscopes? (I am! I’m a proud Aries). That is what a design personalities are like; broad descriptions of your personality, but ultimately the shoe always fits.

You can see different design personalities in every space you enter, be it a friend’s home, your neighbor’s home, or even your own. Online spaces like websites and blogs also reflect these personalities. A design personality is not limited to interior design; you see it manifest in Graphic Design as well.

In the general sense more than one person can have the same design personality, and there are 7 main ones out there. Whether you’re interested in design or actually a designer, you’ll still fall under one of those seven. If you outsource your design needs, by knowing the characteristics of each personality you will be more prepared to talk with your designer about the work you need done.

This is a guest post I wrote on Orana Creative; find out your personality type here.



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