How to Start a Freelance Business the Right Way


You’re an interior designer, you’ve got your degree, your experience, and probably an idea of how you want your life to look like or what you want to achieve.

But do you know where to begin?

Starting a freelance business, especially in interior design, needs a lot of research and a solid organized plan.

But don’t look far! I’ve got you. In just seven steps, I’ll show you what you need to do to get this show on the road, and become a freelance interior designer with an easy to run organized business.

Whether you want to work from home or the corner cafe, this is what you need to do.

Step #1 In Becoming a freelance Interior Designer

What kind of business do you want to have?

Don’t just say Interior Design; you need to be able to rely on your strong points in this in order to stand out, be unique, and start projects you’ll love seeing completed.

You gotta ask yourself,

“What do I love designing the most?”

“What I’m I the best at/strongest skill?”

“What industry, sector, or type of design am I passionate about?”

the answers to these questions should give you an idea on what to put as the forefront of your business.

Let’s say you love designing homes + Do wicked space planning + a wiz with Scandinavian Interiors:

Then your business will be that you can provide efficient space planning solutions for residential interiors with a Scandinavian twist.

It can also become the tag line for your business!

Step #2 In Becoming a freelance Interior Designer

You need to find out who your ideal client is.

If you have no idea what that client wants, their budget range, their habits and needs, then you won’t be able to market yourself to them.

Do some research on your ideal client by talking to people, finding out what they need from a designer, and their average budget + what their triggers are.

If you need help with that, then I think you’ll want to take a look at the bottom of this post after you’re done!

Step #3 In Becoming a freelance Interior Designer

Create a list of your services and group them into packages.

You can’t just write down “I provide Interior Design Services” and call it a day, vague is just not going to cut it.

You need to be able to catch your prospective client’s eye; to do that you need to create packages that they will want to buy.

List the types of services you will offer, for example: Consultation, Color Scheme Choices and Mood Boards, Furniture Layout, 3D Previews etc.

Make sure that you love doing the tasks that are included with the services; if you hate doing 3D previews, don’t list them. (Same goes if you can’t offer this service with a high standard, e.g.: your 3D previews are not so great).

Keep in mind: If you have your ideal client figured out, then you’ll be able to put together that package more effectively.

Step #4 In Becoming a freelance Interior Designer


Marketing your freelance design business relies on a lot of factors:

  • Creating a Brand:

Having a brand is essential, it is the identity of your business; a logo + a color scheme + your personality, is what people will remember about you. It will also be responsible for giving the first impression about what kind of business you run.

  • Creating a Portfolio:

A portfolio is the most important element in getting that potential client to work with you, clients like to see you previous works because it gives them a preview of how the results will be by the time the project is done. Interior Design is sort of like an investment, they need to know they’re putting their money, their space, and their time in the right hands.

Spend some time designing your portfolio, create your own template for a PDF printable or go online and set one up.

Keep in mind: Make your brand obvious in your portfolio, employ your color scheme, style, and logo to personalize it and give a complete picture to your prospective client.

  • Developing a Marketing Strategy:

Now that you have a brand and a portfolio, that’s when you go to the market place and sell your wares!

Figure out how you want to let people know about your business; will you go on social media? If so, which platform? Will you put an ad up in the paper? Classifieds? Or will you do it in person, like at an exhibition? Are there any events related to your field coming up? Are you going with all of the above?

Step #5 In Becoming a freelance Interior Designer

Have a web page for your business.

Create a web page and add the information about you + your business, your portfolio (downloadable or a gallery), and your contact info + what country/city you’re located in.

This will divert potential clients in your area who are using google to find an interior designer to you.

Don’t forget to include your prices and packages! Clients are more likely to take action if they know they can afford you.

There are a lot of online portfolio services that are free, and all of them are easy to set up!

Step #6 In Becoming a freelance Interior Designer

Set up your space.

If you’re going to be working from home, you’ll need a dedicated space that is comfortable, well lit, and organized.

Decorate it with some family photos, appealing stationary, or even some flowers. This will help you maximize you productivity.

You’ll also need to set up a schedule that you’re comfortable with, so you don’t procrastinate and lose track of time or work too much and exhaust yourself.

Having a space dedicated to your work and files + having a routine or schedule is necessary for designers who work from home, so your freelance life doesn’t become a burden or a cause of stress.

Step #7 In Becoming a freelance Interior Designer

Take Action!

Planning and researching is all good and great, but you’ll never get anywhere if you don’t actually DO IT and stick to it.

Never delay anything until it’s too late, or risk losing motivation.

I’ve heard or read somewhere that it takes 40 Days to develop a habit; so make sure your business habits are healthy. Successful businesses are always well balanced.

How about you let me help you with the first 10 Days of starting up, for free?

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