How to easily stand out from the crowds and get more clients


Being a freelance designer can be tough; you have design companies and studios that have a big budget for advertising and promotions + other freelancers who have been in the market longer than you have and have built a steady reputation. The competition.

You probably even struggle with getting a client’s attention without sounding too desperate or even have no idea how to show off what sets you apart from all the other gazillion freelancers.

Fret not baby freelancer, I come bearing some tips on making this all easier for you, so you don’t have to keep struggling and get those clients through the door!

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What can you Offer?

We all study and work on ourselves to design gorgeous interiors, but each one of us has a unique print; something that you can do better than anyone else.

Do you design kitchens like a godsend wiz? Are you familiar with installing sustainable systems that can save your clients a ton of money and save the environment? Or maybe you can put together a Minimalist interior that is magazine worthy?

Make note of your top qualities.

Who do you want to Work with?

If you want to attract the right clients to you, you have to be yourself; I’m not saying post pictures of your dog and show up in your PJs kinda self. I’m saying let go of the pretenses, be natural. If you’re funny let that show, if you prefer wearing jeans to suits; do that. I, personally, never wear formal unless it is absolutely necessary, I write just like I speak, and I never hold back when it comes to my opinions (I’m not rude, tho.)

Be natural, let your personality shine through, and the right clients will see and appreciate that. Which means, you’ll be comfortable dealing with them, as well; being uncomfortable will show, no matter how hard you try to hide it, then why bother?

Let your identity and your brand match who you really are and your designs reflect your authentic creative touch. Most important thing to keep in mind: Just like you can’t be friends with everyone, you can’t take everyone as your clients and have a successful business. That’s why both Apple and Samsung are both successful, if you think about it.

Be yourself, and let go of the pretenses. The right clients will come.

What is it like to Work with you?

From the moment your client gets their hands on your contact info to the last stages of working together, what is that like?

Are you quirky with an artists spirit and tons of mood boards/swatches/and idea books you  and your clients will mix and match from? Or are you a methodical, and super organized person who acts as their clients psychological analyst, creating designs based on their personalities?

Make sure you highlight that about your brand, your method of work is one of the biggest factors as to why a client may or may not jump on board. If the person behind the brand is authentic and a breeze to deal with, clients will pick up on that and trust you with their money and space.

This step along with the previous three work together to create a persona that the right clients will adore and can’t wait to work with. A Designer/Client relationship is based on likes and dislikes, if they can relate to you and you can relate to them, you’ve got yourself a flourishing business and glowing recommendations.

Whatever it is, make it authentic.

Filter your clients

This is the last, and definitely not the least. You are not a 24 hour supermarket; not EVERYONE has access to you ALL the time. Have your clients fill out forms even before they can talk to you on the phone, and make sure you’re the one scheduling those calls during a time you both agree on. No one likes to answer a call during their ‘me time’, and especially not in the tub! (Been there..)

Filtering your clients will let you know who you’re dealing with from the very start, you’ll know if they are the right clients for you or if you’ll waste your time and theirs.

This process will show that you are serious about what you do, and trust me, the right clients will respect you for it; it’ll show that you are well organized and that you’re not some pushover that’s eager to please. You’re a professional who has  a life, and not just  some freelancer that is to be taken lightly.

Make them jump through a few hoops.

I’ve put together a tidy little worksheet that will help you further define who you are as a freelancer + shine a light on what you can offer, you can find it in our Subscriber’s Library of free resources.

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