Innovative space-saving solution in a 35m² apartment

And yet another win for Designers in a fast paced world!

An architect and his wife lived in a concrete box of 35 m² (377 ft²); they had a problem and boy did they find a way to fix it.

Designer: Nemati Alireza of Studio Bazi and his wife

Location: Moscow Russia

Size: 35 m² (377 ft²)

Photos by Ilya Ivanov

Like most apartments, this space this space was your typical four walls apartment before Nemati got to work on it; it had a wall slicing the difficult to zone  square apartment in half and separating the kitchen from the rest of the apartment and only two windows. So, started by getting rid of that wall to open up the space and flood it with light.

To give the apartment an airy clean look, he chose Dark Wood and White Paint to contrast each other; the walls and ceiling were painted with latex paint, and the flooring is a commercial grade water resistant laminate wood; it’s always smart to have heavy duty flooring in entrances and living areas where there is high foot traffic.

The apartment entrance has its own nook with coat storage, and is separated by a curtain from the rest of the apartment. through the entrance there is the living area ahead and the sleeping box to the left.

The sleeping box is the definition of multi-functional, since it houses so many places to store their belongings.

The sleeping box came as a solution to zone a small square space, it houses a bed with its own lighting that is located on a second level with steps leading up to it; the steps are used as storage as well as a lot of other areas surrounding it. The height of the steps allows a full grown person to stand up comfortably, too.

The whole box is supported by metal frames for durability, and is coated with pine wood that’s painted with natural brown wax. The interior of the sleeping box is not painted + warm soft lighting, which gives the simple interior a warm cozy feel.

Across from the sleeping box, there are book shelves that serve as more storage, and with a simple light fixture and frames in between to not over crowd the narrow space but still give it a well decorated look.

and since the area is on a second level above the apartment, the entire apartment is perfectly visible from inside and the box, and sunlight from the windows still reaches it.

The TV is set into a niche of its own, surrounded by white panels; each panel hides a storage space.

The whole setup (Box, Stairs, Storage, etc.) was designed by the architect himself.

The living + dinning area are big enough for the couple to move around freely, yet very flexible; by moving the sofa and extending the dinning table, the space can house up to 10 guests for social gatherings and occasions.

The small area between the kitchen and the window is enough for a workspace + bookshelves that store all the papers and stationary without clutter.

The kitchen (from Ikea) is L-shaped with laminate countertops, and colorful handmade Iranian tiles as the backsplash; breaking up the white kitchen with a bit of cheer.

Having to design a small bathroom is hard to work with; you have to find space for all the necessary fixtures, hide the plumbing, and space for storage. the designer managed to fit all that in + a space for a washing machine (behind the facade of the vanity) and a full bathtub.

This is a 3D preview of how they managed to design and fit the Box with all its attachments. According to the designer, Nemati, the hardest part of the whole project was their design and construction; they were a piece of architecture within the apartment. I so do agree!

And here’s the plan of the apartment’s layout.

I wouldn’t mind living in a space like this! What do you guys think?

Leave your thoughts in the comments below 🙂

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