Kid’s Bedroom

As a first post after this lengthy break  I decided a bit of fun is needed; hence the kid’s bedroom!

Model preview (Before Rendering)
Model preview (Before Rendering)
Apartment - Boys Bedroom-Scene 4
After Rendering. Bubbly, isn’t it?

It’s a bit more of a boys’ bedroom, but who am I to start saying what is boyish and what is girly bla bla bla.. (It is a boys’ bedroom tho)

Apartment - Boys Bedroom-Scene 3
Who wants to play COD: Ghost?

For this project I used Sketchup 2015 & VRay 2.0 with a bit of Photoshop CS6 for post processing.

In the model itself, I made my own materials, as well as my own spotlights and the door is custom (Ravenor’s). For lighting I used IES, HDRI (Environment), and Rectangular Panel Lights.

Everyone loves a pretty ceiling <3
Everyone loves a pretty ceiling ❤

The client has two kids who share a bedroom and wanted the room spruced with keeping in mind their shared activities as well as their differences due to their age gap (one is a preschooler and the other is in his second year of school). We didn’t want the room to be crowded and -to avoid tripping/stepping on toys accidents- they specifically asked for a clear path while walking around the room. A lot of storage and closet space was needed as well as a computer desk for the older boy (I kept the younger one in mind too). The boys have their own bathroom too, that we matched to the bedroom; creating their own unique little space in the apartment.

Storage space everywhere!
Storage space everywhere!
Study and play, boys!
Study and play, boys!
Let's not forget the matching bathroom :)
Let’s not forget the matching bathroom 🙂

Down below you’ll find a little something for you guys; the materials I created when I worked on the model as well as the VISOPT file. Some of the components I created myself while others I downloaded from a bunch of websites (leave a comment if you want the links).

Download here – 4Shared

Feel free to drop me a comment!




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